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Local Evangelicals Lobby for Immigration Reform

April 29, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando--Evangelical pastors from Central Florida are joining a major lobbying effort in Washington, D.C., Tuesday. They want lawmakers to move on immigration reform.

More than 200 evangelical leaders from 25 states are lobbying in Washington.

Most of them are politically conservative, so they usually align with the GOP platform. 

Pastor Josh Blackwell of First Baptist Orlando says, when he looks at his congregation, the morals of his faith trump the position of his political party.  "We’re seeing families being torn apart," he says.  "We’re seeing orphans that are being made here because the kids are born here in the States, and parents are being sent back to their home countries, and so kids now have nowhere to go. So, we see this as much more than a legal and political issue."

 Blackwell says, because evangelicals are part of the GOP base, the pastors will focus on meeting with Republicans.

 Still, many GOP lawmakers are under pressure from other members of their base to crack down on illegal immigration and tighten border security.


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