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Intersection | Apopka Mayor's Race and Rwanda Documentary 'Coexist'

April 8, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando - This week residents of Apopka head to the polls in a runoff election for the city's mayor. Incumbent Mayor John Land -- who has held the post almost exclusively for the past 60 years -- faces Apopka City Commissioner Joe Kilsiemer. 90.7's Matthew Peddie speaks with Joe Kilsiemer about the race and his long-term goals for Apopka.

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Also, this week marks the twentieth anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. In 1994 nearly a million people were massacred in approximately 100 days in Rwanda, a country in Central Africa that’s roughly the size of Massachusetts.  

Film maker Adam Mazo got his degree from the University of Florida, and he was working for a television station in Sarasota when he first visited Rwanda.

His documentary about the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide airs on WUCF next week.

Matthew Peddie talks to Adam Mazo about the documentary “Coexist," which looks at how the nation is healing twenty years after genocide. . 


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