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Update: 1 Child Dead, Upwards of 12 Injured in Hit and Run at Daycare

April 9, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando - Authorities believe they might have found the car responsible for a hit and run crash that sent a car careening into a daycare Wednesday afternoon, causing just over one dozen injuries and one fatality.

Talmus Williams and Evette Rivera stand across the street from the KinderCare where their son, Jaydrien, was during the crash.  Both parents say they rushed to the scene, but were happy to see he was unharmed. Photo: Carmel Delshad | WMFE

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It was a nightmare scenario for Talmus Williams and Evette Rivera. The parents of 2-year-old Jaydrien rushed to the KinderCare on Goldenrod Road in Winter Park after hearing news reports that a car crashed into the daycare.

"I was trying to be positive of course, because if something would have happened, they would have called me," Rivera says. "But of course you always think the worst when you hear something. But I was trying to remain positive that he was ok."

Adults and children injured in the crash were transported to area hospitals. Authorities say a silver Dodge Durango hit another car, causing it to slam into the daycare. Parents say from what they could see, the damage to the building was extensive.

Talmus Williams says he rushed to the scene after getting a breaking news alert to his phone. His son, Jaydrien, was unharmed, but he says he’s keeping the other families in his thoughts.

“We’re happy, but again we’re going to pray for all the other families. It’s important," Williams says.

Authorities are still searching for a person of interest involved in the crash. 


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