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District 5's Commissioner Race Extended to May 6th

Tuesday's race for a new Orlando City Commissioner in District 5 will go to a runoff between candidates Juan Lynum and Regina Hill.

Juan Lynum, whose mother Daisy Lynum has held the seat for 16 years, narrowly beat Regina Hill and Cynthia Harris. None of the candidates reached the necessary 50% voter threshold, so the winner will now be decided on May 6th.

Lynum beat Hill by just 37 votes. Cynthia Harris, did not receive enough votes in Tuesday’s election to continue.

Hill says the outcome of Tuesday’s election shows that district 5 voters are looking for a change; “They do not want a continuation of Lynum’s legacy, he only encompassed about eight hundred and forty something odd votes. But candidate Harris had four hundred; so if you would put a total of my 800 plus with Cynthia Harris’ 400 plus, that states that the community wants new leadership.”

Lynum says he intends on refocusing his campaign to assure voters that his race isn’t about continuing his mother’s legacy; “this campaign is not about a legacy. It’s about the next generation of leadership, it’s about accountability and it’s about accessibility and we’re going to make these next four weeks clear that that is what this campaign is about.”

Lynum received 39.2% of the votes in Tuesday’s election, with Hill receiving 37.3%. Cynthia Harris has yet to endorse either candidate, she is expected to announce her decision later this week.


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