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Orange County Teenagers Taking Part in Illegal Tattoo Parties

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County is cautioning parents to be on the alert to underground tattoo parties. The parties are attracting young teens and pose significant health risks.

Health Department spokesman Dain Weister says there have been three complaints so far about illegal tattoo parties involving unlicensed tattoo artists that could be reusing needles and ink. That puts people at risk for serious skin infections and blood-borne diseases including HIV and hepatitis. Weister says word about the parties is spread through social media.

 “Our inspectors say this is something teenagers sometimes will go and look for so they can get a tattoo without their parent’s permission,” he says.

Weister says anyone getting a tattoo should be sure the artist is licensed. State law requires parental permission for anyone aged 16 or younger to get a tattoo.  


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