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Maitland Walks Kick-Off Greeted By Big Crowd

Nearly 17-thousand commuters heading into the Maitland Center Office Complex this morning have a new path to personal health. An initiative known as Maitland Walks unveiled Central Florida's first marked, urban walking route.

[An estimated 400 people joined the first walk on the Maitland Walks path]

Supporters are hoping this big kick off will help to generate a lot of buzz for Maitland Walks. The newly established path winds its way for almost two miles under the Maitland Center’s shady trees- giving workers like Carolyn Nobles of Dicom Software a place to exercise during the workday.

“I hope like the rest of them that it does promote more and more of them so that we continue to grow this type of activity and this type of mentality,” she says.

More than 400-people walked during Friday’s kick-off event, far exceeding expectations. Maitland Walks is funded by a 25-hundred dollar grant from Healthy Central Florida. 


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