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Florida Hospital Hosts SunRail Sneak Peak

Florida Hospital began readying its employees for SunRail by offering a sneak peak of one the cars Thursday morning. The hospital is invested in seeing its workers make use of it.

[The SunRail will drop off at the foot of Florida Hospital]

The shiny new train platform is right next to Florida Hospital’s main campus, making it an easy walk to work for those hospital employees planning to use SunRail.  And a good number of them turned out to take a look. Florida Hospital President and CEO Lars Houmann says from the beginning- Florida Hospital has been one of SunRail’s biggest advocates.

“We pushed very hard, and we put a lot of our own money into the station, to make not only the  platform but everything around it appealing, and we do not want this to fail,” he says.

As an added incentive, Florida Hospital is making a 25-percent contribution toward employee SunRail passes.  Service is scheduled to begin May 1st.  


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