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Winter Park Housing Authority Announces Its First Smoke-Free Complex

A Winter Park Public housing complex is going smoke-free. The move does more than ban smoking- it includes help with quitting.

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[93-year old Addie Powell sports a Kiss Me I'm Smoke Free button]

The Winter Park Housing Authority is the one declaring The Plymouth Apartments smoke-free, but it’s the residents that voted for it.  From now on, anyone moving into the seniors only complex agrees to live here smoke free. Existing smokers are being grandfathered in. Addie Powell says residents spent years pushing for the change.

“I’ve lost members of my family that were heavy smokers and it really broke my heart because I am 93 and have never smoked,” she says.

Plymouth Apartments is the first complex the Winter Park Housing Authority has declared smoke free. As part of the smoke-free policy, the Orange County Health Department is providing help to any Plymouth Apartments Residents that want to quit.  


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