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Congressman Alan Grayson's Attorneys Defend Allegations of Domestic Dispute

March 5, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando - A judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against Central Florida Congressman Alan Grayson at the request of his estranged wife. In legal documents filed Monday, Lolita Grayson says she was injured when her husband pushed her against a door and caused her to fall.

Grayson, whose U.S. House district includes parts of Orange and Osceola counties, denies his wife’s claims. Grayson’s attorney Mark Nejame says Lolita Grayson was aggressive when her husband visited the former family home where she now resides.

“[Congressman Grayson] was hoping this matter would stay in the courts and outside the press, but since horrendous accusations have been made against him, his council and he believe that the truth must come out and for the character assassination that has been done on him must come out,” says Nejame.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Nejame said that Lolita Grayson was in fact the aggressor, and they have two witnesses and a video tape to prove it.

“The independent witnesses, at least to who completely contradict the assertions that she made in the affidavit, [show] the conclusions will be clear and that is that Congressman Grayson was in fact battered himself, did nothing illegal, did not strike her improperly did not strike her at all.”

Grayson’s legislative aid and his 18-year-old daughter along with his twin children, 8 years old, were at the home during the incident.

Grayson’s office released a statement saying in part that the congressman is “deeply concerned” by Lolita Grayson’s “increasingly erratic” behavior since filing for divorce in January, and that her allegations of violence are “absolutely false.”


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