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UF Health Cancer Center/Orlando Health Oncologist Says Mammograms Save Lives

An Orlando oncologist cautions that mammograms should not be dismissed in the fight against breast cancer.

A new 25-year study published in the British Medical Journal looked at nearly 90-thousand women in Canada and found “no reduction in breast cancer mortality from mammography screening”. It also found that 22-percent of invasive cancers detected by mammogram were actually harmless. But UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health Breast Medical Oncologist Rebecca Moroose says her clinic is full of women who either benefited from mammogram screening- or ended up seriously ill because they weren’t screened.

“So we see the whole spectrum of how mammography has helped, or avoidance of mammography may have hindered us being able to save our patients,” she says.

Moroose says health care professionals need to be very careful when it comes to eliminating any available tools for detecting breast cancer.


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