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Spanish Speaking Navigators Move Out Into the Community

A new effort to reach out to Central Florida Latinos needing help the online exchanges is putting Spanish speaking navigators in trusted locations. It's about bringing help into the community.

[A Spanish speaking Health Insurance Marketplace navigator will be at the HOLA office once a week]

The City of Orlando’s Hispanic Office for Local Assistance-otherwise known as HOLA- now has a Spanish speaking navigator on site every Wednesday and beginning this week-  Hispanic Health Initiatives in Casselberry will have a Spanish speaking navigator on site on Fridays. Health Insurance Marketplace Project Coordinator Anne Packham says that’s important, because a lot of people trying to sign up for health insurance on their own get stuck trying to figure out their choices.

“And it’s so overwhelming because they can have 50-60 plans available at their middle tier and they don’t know what questions to ask when they’re choosing a plan and we don’t want people to choose a plan and find out it’s the wrong one,” she says.

Packham says Latinos know the staff, locations and bus routes for locations like HOLA, Hispanic Health Initiatives and the Hope Community Center in Apopka, so Spanish speaking navigators in these locations are more accessible to the Hispanic population .  


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