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Sharing KSC with Commercial Space Companies Will Save Money, Posey Says

February 10, 2014 | WMFE Orlando - Congressman Bill Posey says transforming Kennedy Space Center into a multi-user space port will save taxpayer dollars. The Space Coast Republican took part in a congressional hearing Monday at KSC's Visitor Complex examining unused buildings and assets from the shuttle program.

Posey also joined with other congressional members over the weekend on a tour of KSC.

He says the transition from a single government program will save taxpayers money because KSC will share maintenance costs for launch pads and other assets with commercial space companies. 

"Now they joint-venture with commercial space, and thereby the assets get utilized and there's no carrying costs so to speak for NASA. And in many cases they produce revenue for NASA."

Posey says they also learned how KSC is determining what assets should be saved for future missions, what should be retained for historical value and what should be discarded.

The hearing was organized by Congressman John Mica. 


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