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New Technology Center Opens at the Orlando Public Library

February 8, 2014 | WMFE Orlando - When you think of technology, do you think of your local library? Most likely not--but the Orange County Library System is seeking to change that.

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Giulliana Mejia, 12, looks at the inner workings of a 3D printer inside the fab lab at the new Melrose Center for Technology at the Orlando Public Library. The Center opened to the public on Saturday. Photo: Carmel Delshad | WMFE

Saturday marked the opening of the Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology at the Orlando Public Library.

The 26,000 square foot facility features audio and video recording studios, a fab lab with 3D printers, and even a flight simulator.

A flight simulator that 12-year-old Giulliana Mejia tried out at the opening--after her father tried it first.

"It was really cool to see all the images and everything that was in here," Giulliana says.

Her father, Juan Carlos Mejia, says he plans on bringing his family to the center often.

“Being able for them to see this kind of technology advances is so awesome, that we didn’t really have in our days,” says Mejia.

Library director Mary Anne Hodel says she has high hopes for the center, which she thinks will bring in creative types from various sectors in the community.

“I think we have a very willing audience, and people who will be very interested in the services we’re offering,” Hodel says.

A $1 million grant from the Kendrick B. Melrose Family Foundation partially funded the center.


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