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Governor Scott Commits $80-million to Cancer Research

A new initiative announced by Governor Rick Scott could position Florida as a national leader in cancer research. The Governor is committing money to cancer research and he's proposing a bill to create a consortium of cancer research centers.

[From left to right: Dr. Robert Hromas, University of Florida: Dr. Wayne Jenkins, Orlando Health; Dr. Paul Okunieff, UF; Governor Rick Scott; Dr. Mark Roh, President, UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health; Dr. Kevin Behrns, UF; Dr. David Guzick, UF Health; Dr. Bernie Machen, President, UF.]

Governor Rick Scott’s 80-million dollar cancer research budget breaks down into two parts. 20-million dollars will go toward peer-reviewed research grants. 60-million dollars will go towards helping existing cancer centers achieve a National Cancer Institute designation. UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health President Mark Roh says that UF Health and Orlando Health both looked at pursuing the designation on their own and couldn’t make it happen prior to creating their joint oncology program.

 “The exciting part is together, yeah we’re almost there, we’re not there yet, but we’re getting there, we need that extra investment, the government hopefully will step forward and provide that,” he says.

The Governor proposed a bill creating a Florida Consortium of NCI designated cancer centers. Right now, Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa has Florida’s only NCI designation. 


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