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Orlando Has a New Tagline, and Officials Hope it Brings More Business to the City

January 21st, 2014 | WMFE - Orlando has a new tagline: "Orlando. You don't know the half of it." Officials unveiled the slogan this week at the Orange County Economic Summit.

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The new branding is part of a larger initiative to bring in more business to the area, and let people know Orlando is more than just its theme parks.

“When someone says, ‘Orlando’ in a word game, people think Disney, and then they think economic growth tied to this industry or that industry,” says Rick Weddle.

Weddle is president of the Orlando Economic Development Commission. The commission is part of a team leading the rebranding efforts.

The main idea behind Orlando’s new tagline is to create better and more jobs.

Weddle also says the new branding will help change Orlando’s image for both non-residents and residents.

“Even the folks who live here and have lived here for a good amount of time don’t have a good understanding of things they don’t come regularly into contact with,” Weddle Says.

The commission expects a 13 percent increase in economic development comission assisted jobs over the next decade as a result.


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