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Study Suggests A Little Brain Training Can Have Lasting Benefits

A new study says older adults who receive a small amount of brain training can hold on to gains in reasoning and processing speed for up to ten years

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Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are calling the results stunning. Seniors in the study received roughly ten hours of cognitive training over a six week period, or received no training. Ten years later, the cognitive training seniors are reporting fewer problems carrying out daily living tasks like cooking or managing finances, compared to seniors who received no training.  Alzheimer’s Association Central and North Florida Chapter Program Coordinator Beverly Engel says while the study is interesting- it’s hard to know what it means in terms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“These studies are just starting to come out and they are all over the country and we need to be watching them, we need to see more of these studies,” she says.

Engel says if nothing else, the study underscores the importance of life long learning and other activities that help to support brain health.  


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