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January Marks the Start of the Busy Season for Gyms

January 2nd marks the start of what folks in the fitness industry say is their busiest season. Gyms will be full as people try to make good on their New Year's resolutions, but a little patience is advised.

[CrossFit Winter Park]

CrossFit Winter Park has only been open a couple of months, so it’s still working on building membership.  Just the same, owner Jack Eisenhut says his years in the fitness industry tell him January 2nd is going to be a busy day.  He says, in fact, that gyms are heading into their busiest month of the year. But not everyone who hits the gym this month will stick with it- because diving into a fitness regime with too much ambition can result in an injury or burn out.  Eisenhut says he tells all of his new clients to take it easy.

“Slow growth is healthy growth, you don’t have to try to be superman in a month. Stick with the slow growth and you’re going to stay healthy and injury free,” he says.

Eisenhut also says it’s important to remember that health starts in the kitchen. So if you want to make gains in the gym, you need to make gains with your health eating habits too.  


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