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SeaWorld's Flagship Shamu Show Going on Hiatus

December 4, 2103 | WMFE--SeaWorld's flagship killer whale show will temporarily close after the holidays for routine stadium maintenance.

SeaWorld says the One World show and Dinner with Shamu will be on hiatus from early January until at least April 7. 

In a statement to 90.7 News, Spokesperson Susan Flower said Shamu Up Close will take their place.  She said the whale viewing will offer visitors, “new and different glimpses into training techniques and the amazing relationships our trainers have with the killer whales.”

Asked about safety upgrades, Flower called the maintenance of Shamu Stadium “routine.” 

SeaWorld Spokesperson Nick Gollattscheck reiterated in an email to 90.7, “The maintenance we’re doing at Shamu Stadium does not involve an installation of a lifting floor.”

That’s in response to speculation from some critics of SeaWorld.

Stetson University professor John Jett, who is a former SeaWorld trainer, and Washington, D.C.-based writer Tim Zimmerman are vocal opponents of killer whale captivity.  Jett told 90.7 the park was already installing a fast-rising safety floor in the pool where an orca drowned trainer Dawn Brancheau three years ago.  Both Jett and Zimmerman wondered if SeaWorld is also considering that option for Shamu Stadium.


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