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Non-profit That Has Helped Bithlo Now Looks to Help Azalea Park

An Orlando non-profit group that's been working to transform Bithlo into a healthier community is now turning its attention to another part of Orange County- Azalea Park. Azalea Park has some assets that Bithlo lacks, but there's still plenty of work to do.

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Bithlo is a historically impoverished rural community in East Orange county that is so lacking in basic services that it has just received its first medical clinic. United Global Outreach was the main driver behind that accomplishment, bringing an assortment of community partners into Bithlo to improve access to health care, transportation and even jobs.  Tim McKinny is the non-profit organization’s Executive Vice President.  He says they are now beginning work in Azalea Park, which is a solidly urban area with transportation and a federally qualified clinic.

 “Bithlo, in comparison, didn’t have a medical clinic at all, there was no bus at all, there still is horrible water quality,” he says.

McKinny says even though Azalea Park has a clinic, it’s heavily immigrant population may not know how to access those services.  And he says there’s really high unemployment there- which likely means there are a lot of families going hungry. McKinney says United Global Outreach will spend the next six months working to rally community partners to help Azalea Park just as it has done in Bithlo.


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