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Detzner Wraps Up Voter-Roll Purge Information Tour

October 10th, 2013 | WLRN- Secretary of State Ken Detzner has wrapped up a statewide tour to explain a bid to purge voter rolls of non-citizens.

[Election signs outside the Orlando Public Library, November 2012. Photo: Matthew Peddie / WMFE]

The hearts-and-minds campaigns for a voter-roll purge may be a little more difficult in South Florida than  Ken Detzner was counting on.

At a meeting Wednesday with a half dozen elections supervisors from southern Florida, Detzner ran into a wave of skepticism about the accuracy of the federal citizenship database that will be used in the state's latest attempt to sniff out non-citizens and strike them from the voter lists.

Palm Beach County Elections supervisor Susan Bucher said she doesn't trust it yet.

“The law requires the secretary and the division of elections to send us credible and reliable information, the determination is the supervisors'' whether it’s credible and reliable," Bucher said.

"If we don’t know where the information came from and we don’t know how often its updated I don't see that as credible or reliable,” she said.

Last year's attempt to clear the rolls of non-American citizens was abandoned when supervisors found too many real citizens among the names the state had proposed for purging.

Fort Lauderdale was Detzner's last stop on a statewide tour to explain the purge to voters and local officials.


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