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Florida Senators Aim for Assisted Living Overhaul

October 9th, 2013 | WFSU - Florida senators are trying for the third year to push an assisted living facility overhaul bill through the Florida Legislature.

The proposal has been thwarted before in the House of Representatives, which has rejected increased regulation.

Viera Republican Senator Thad Altman says it might be easier to pass a bill which differentiates between those facilities that follow the rules and those that don’t.

“We don’t want to punish the good players for the actions of the bad players. You have two distinct separate issues. You have those that are just out with no oversight whatsoever. And that’s the big problem we want to get at.”  

Efforts to change the state’s assisted living facilities began on the heels of a Miami Herald investigation which found fraud and elder abuse in South Florida homes.

Last month another report highlighted center operating illegally under the guise of boarding houses and shelters.


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