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October 9th is International Walk to School Day

October 9th is International Walk to school day- a worldwide effort to promote healthier habits among our children by encouraging them to walk or bike to school. But local efforts are also putting a focus on safety.

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Transportation for America says Metro Orlando is the most dangerous pedestrian area in the country- with one pedestrian killed each week. That makes International Walk to School day a prime opportunity to teach both kids and motorists about pedestrian safety. Healthy Central Florida Walking Coordinator Michelle Sartor says an increasing number of schools are putting walk to school programs in place that help to teach kids how to be safe on the roads. But motorists need to do their part too.

“Really just be aware that any moment a child on a bike or even walking can exit the sidewalk and enter the roadway,” she says.

Various elected officials and community leaders will be joining elementary and middle school students throughout Orange county as they take to the sidewalks for International Walk to School Day. Designated meet up spots and times can be found on  


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