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Federal Govt. Shutdown Would Have Big Impact on Florida

September 30th, 2013 | WMFE- A federal government shutdown would have a significant impact on Florida's economy.

Economic commentator Hank Fishkind says if congress can’t pass a bill to keep the government going, Florida will feel the effects.  

“Well the census bureau estimates there’s 52,000 federal civilian employees in Florida, and all of them would be furloughed,” he says.

Fishkind says a shutdown would also affect housing.

He says the Federal Housing Administration insures 30% of all mortgages, and if the government stops processing those applications it will have an impact on home sales to Floridians- and for homeowners elsewhere in the country who want to sell up and move to Florida.

The Republican led US House of Representatives wants a bill to keep government operations funded to include a provision to either defund the affordable care act or delay it.


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