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Miami-based Burger King Offers Low Fat French Fries

Miami-based Burger King is introducing a reduced fat French fry that promises to take care of that French fry craving. . They're called Satisfries- and will have 40-percent less fat. But healthy options don't do that well in fast food restaurants.

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[Burger King's logo for its new crinkle-cut Satisfries]

Satisfries are fried- that’s the big marketing hook. But they are coated with a special batter that absorbs less oil, which is where Burger King manages to cut calories. But if they don’t taste like the real thing, that could be a problem. Rosen School of Hospitality Management’s Kevin Murphy says fast food customers don’t really buy healthy choices, perhaps because the smell of fries and images of burgers are too much to resist.

“When they walk into a Burger King or a McDonalds, the good intentions get distracted by the marketing effort because these are marketing machines,” says Murphy.

Murphy says at McDonald’s, salads make up only 3-percent of sales.  Satisfries will  have 40-percent less  fat than regular french fries.  But they’re expected to cost up to 30-cents more.


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