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New March of Dimes Campaign Says Listen to Your Mom

The March of Dimes is using a new strategy to encourage vaccination- listen to your mother. The campaign, called the Word of Mom, coincides with a health department push to encourage people to get flu shots.

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Some new mothers worry about vaccine safety.  Others may mistakenly think that dangerous diseases have been eradicated.  The March of Dimes says children need to be vaccinated to protect against outbreaks like the recent measles outbreak in Texas, or the pertussis outbreak that killed 18 infants in 2009. So the March of Dimes launched a new pro-vaccination campaign.

Spokesperson Dr. Siobhan Dolan says it is based on the idea that young mothers listen to advice from their own mothers.“What we’re doing is spreading the word through social media, through websites, through radio interviews, through newspaper interviews and then asking folks to come to of mom to learn more,” she says.

Dolan says anyone thinking about vaccines needs to think about flu shots too. On Tuesday, the Orange and Seminole county departments of health said that flu cases in this area are already on the rise and that it is time for that annual flu shot.


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