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Free Caribbean Health Summit Draws from All Over the State

Up to a thousand people are expected to attend this weekend's Caribbean Health Summit at the Central Florida fairgrounds- as they seek help they otherwise might not be able to get. The health summit began 11-years ago to serve Orlando's Haitian population, but it's now a multi-cultural event that draws people from all over the state.

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[2012 Caribbean Health Summit]

It’s estimated 80 to 90-percent of the people attending this weekend’s Caribbean Health Summit are uninsured- which makes the free screenings, health education and information a big draw. The event is a collaboration between the Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention and multiple agencies, and draws on populations from all parts of the Caribbean, Central America and even South America.  Event spokesperson Keith Gooden the event has a huge reach.

“We are also reaching to places like Daytona Beach,  Miami, people travel from Miami up, I don’t know how they do that (laughing) but they travel up and Polk county, Lake county,” says Gooden.

New services at this year’s Caribbean Health Summit include dental, eye and emotional health services, as well as informational sessions on the Affordable Care Act and the online insurance exchanges opening next month. The Florida Department of Agriculture will also be providing free fruits and vegetables to attendees to help promote healthy eating. 


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