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American Health Poor Compared to Other Prosperous Countries

Americans are living longer and in some states, we're becoming fitter. But a new report says our overall health is pretty bad compared to other prosperous countries.

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[High calorie burgers are part of a typical fast food diet]

A sweeping study looking at health in 34 countries finds that Americans have poor diets, we smoke too much, we weigh too much and we’re living with a lot of disabilities like back pain and mental illness. University of Central Florida Health Services Administration professor Aaron Liberman said health insurance providers and employers need to take a stand on healthy behaviors. “I’ll be very specific with you, smoking, if someone smokes, I firmly believe their insurance premium should at least be doubled because the risk of serious disease and ailments to these folks is heightened so considerably,” he said.


The study compared the United States to other wealthy countries like Australia- where people are much less likely to become disabled or die prematurely- and yet spend half of what Americans spend on health care. State to state comparisons found that Florida is one of three states that saw major increases in exercise- but across the board U-S obesity is one the rise- with poor diet again being noted as the number one risk factor.  


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