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Florida Seniors Live Longer But Are Not Healthier

A new study says Florida's seniors are living longer, but not necessarily healthier lives. The report released today by America's Health Rankings places Florida 30th out of 50 states for senior health, but there are some unsettling numbers behind that ranking.

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Over the next 15-years, the report projects Florida’s senior population will increase by 88-percent. United Health Foundation senior advisor Dr. Reed Tuckson said that’s significant because the vast majority of our seniors are living with one or more chronic health conditions. Additionally, our seniors seem to be heavy drinkers.

“It does worry us that Florida has one of the highest chronic drinking rates in the country, and in fact, almost 6 percent of seniors 65 and older report that problem, and you’re 49th in the country,” said Tuckson.

Tuckson said there are a lot of Florida seniors in nursing homes that don’t need to be there- which can put a big economic strain on the state.  He said communities need to do more to help seniors live independently and live healthier lives. The 2013 senior report was produced by the United Health Foundation- a non profit corporation established by the health insurance company. 


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