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Trayvon Martin Supporters Prepare for Candlelight Vigil

Supporters of Trayvon Martin's family are preparing to gather in Sanford this evening for a candlelight vigil, to mark the one year anniversary of the teenager's death.

Frances Oliver, the curator at the Goldsboro Historical Museum in Sanford where there’s a permanent memorial to Martin, says about 150 people have said they plan to attend. 

Oliver says tonight’s vigil has a broader focus than protests last year which called for the arrest of George Zimmerman- the former neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Martin. 

“We feel like everything we were marching for last year, was accomplished. So we’ve moved on from that now. And we’ve moved on to more of a banding together. I know I read that someone said that Sanford is healing. Well, we don’t know about the healing, but we’re trying to band together for peace.”  

Oliver says attendees will light candles at 7:15 pm in Sanford’s Fort Mellon Park. 

Trayvon Martin’s parents are expected to attend a candle light vigil in New York City this evening. 


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