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State House Democrats Push for Elections Reform.

Photo: Daily Beast
Photo: Daily Beast

December 6, 2012 | WMFE- Florida's Democratic House Leaders say Legislative leaders have taken good first steps, but there's lots of work left to be done.

 State House Minority Leader, Democratic Representative Perry Thurston of Ft. Lauderdale says the minority caucus is pleased to see that an effort is being made to address issues that caused long lines at the polls and other problems on Election Day.

“But I’m excited and I’m eager that we’re going to have a substantial and robust election reform here in Florida.” Thurston said.

Democrats say they warned lawmakers last year that changes in the state’s elections laws could lead to troubles on Election Day and to voters being disenfranchised.

Thurston was joined by Democratic Ranking Member Representative Janet Cruz of Tampa.

Cruz says one of the major issues that needs to be addressed is the long waiting lines at the polls on Election Day and during the early voting period.

Cruz says she wants to hear from not just from state officials but from local elections supervisors and voting rights groups as well. 

“The legislature needs to hear from the county supervisors. We, the legislature, need to hear from the civil rights groups.” Cruz said. “The bottom line is that this legislature needs to act deliberately and without delay.”

Cruz and Thurston agree that the effort should be a bi-partisan initiative, but they say the Democratic caucus is prepared to offer its own elections reform legislation if necessary.



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