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Seminole County Calls Recounted FL House Race for Democrat Mike Clelland

Nov 12, 2012 | WMFE - Seminole County elections officials on Monday completed the final recount for the Florida House District 29 race and called it for Democratic candidate Mike Clelland of Lake Mary.

[Image: Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel]

Original Election Day results showed Clelland with a razor-thin 37-vote lead over Republican Chris Dorworth, also of Lake Mary.

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel led a provisional vote count, then a full machine recount. Next, Ertel and his staff recounted by hand the ballots that machines had trouble reading.

Clelland’s winning margin crept up by a handful each recount, ending at 146 votes of the more than 74,000 cast.

Ertel says with a race so close, having solid results are worth all the effort. “We did that really because it’s Florida law, number one, and number two, it really gives a sense of confidence to the candidates and the voters in knowing that their choices were reflected on the ballot.”

An attorney from each side was present for the recounts.

Ertel says his office went an extra step to ensure transparency in the live streaming all the recounts on Facebook.


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