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NASA Official: Space Jobs Slowly Coming Back to Cape Canaveral

Nov 8, 2012 | WMFE - Officials from NASA partner United Launch Alliance announced Thursday that they've chosen an Orlando company to provide construction services on a Cape Canaveral launch pad. A NASA manager says Central Floridians can expect a growing demand for workers at Cape Canaveral over the next few years.

Ed Mango heads up NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which works closely with private companies like Boeing, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Space X to develop new vehicles for manned spaceflight. He says ULA’s choice of Hensel Phelps Construction Company in Orlando for work on the launch pad is just the start.

“All these companies we’re engaged with today, all three of them, have significant work that they’re going to be doing at the Cape,” Mango says. “So the picture looks quite bright over the next...two to four years here around the Cape for high-tech jobs, both in the engineering world and the construction world, and also in the technician and quality world for processing hardware.”

ULA has said the work at the launch pad will eventually create up to 300 jobs.


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