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Zimmerman Back in Court

October 19, 2012 | WMFE- Former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman made another appearance in a Sanford court Friday, his first in several months. Defense lawyers argued successfully to see the school records of the unarmed teenager he shot in February.

Judge Debra Nelson, the third judge appointed to oversee the case, said Zimmerman’s attorneys need to know if Trayvon Martin’s school records and social media posts show any evidence of violent tendencies.

Defense lawyers say the teenager broke the neighborhood watch volunteer’s nose and bashed his head into a sidewalk during the deadly scuffle.

Zimmerman claims he shot Martin in self defense.

Judge Nelson also said she will review Zimmerman’s medical records and decide whether to hand them over to the prosecution. Neither the school records nor the medical records will be made public.

Another court hearing has been set for next Friday.

Zimmerman’s second degree murder trial is scheduled to begin in June, but his lawyers are hoping to have the charge dismissed in a self defense immunity hearing before that.


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