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Edgewater High Student Health Center A New Approach to Healthcare

A new partnership between Florida Hospital and the Florida Department of Health in Orange county makes it possible for some Orange county students to have access to a free student health center. The Edgewater High School based clinic is a new approach to health that's helping kids stay in school.

[The Edgewater High School student health center exam room looks just like a regular doctor's office]

The new student health center isn’t just a school clinic.  It’s staffed by a pediatric nurse practitioner trained to treat a variety of health issues.  Students who might be sent home from a regular school clinic are actually able to return to class because a nurse practitioner can treat them and prescribe medicine on site.  Edgewater student Ronny Roman Jr was treated for cuts in his fingers and even had his stitches removed at school- which means no missed classes.

 “I feel it’s really great that we have somebody with her capabilities, her medical capabilities over here,” he says.

The student health center is free to all Edgewater students and all the students at the six middle schools that feed into Edgewater.  


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