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Brevard Lifeguard Training Includes Medical Training

Brevard County Ocean Rescue is holding lifeguard tryouts this Saturday in anticipation of spring break. The tryouts are focused on the physical abilities of candidates. But those chosen also go through intensive medical training.

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[Brevard County Ocean Rescue responded to 11,984 medical calls and performed 517 rescues in 2013]

The physical tests for becoming a lifeguard are tough. A 500-yard swim in less than 10-minutes, a 2-mile run in under twenty minutes and push-ups. Lots of them. But being strong enough to rescue someone from the water is only part of the job.  Ocean Rescue Chief Jeff Scabarozi says new recruits go through the same First Responder training that the state requires as a medical technician prerequisite.

“They come out with the ability to deal with first aid, dealing with any C-spine precaution, CPR, oxygen therapy, anything that a first responder needs to know,” he says.

In 2013, Brevard County Ocean Rescue responded to nearly 12-thousand medical calls.  125 of those were major medical emergencies.  Scabarozi says beach side medical calls can range from jelly fish stings to heat stroke to cardiac episodes.

Tryouts are at 7 Rockledge High School January 25th. Candidates must be over the age of 16. They must also bring a valid driver’s license, a social security card, appropriate swim attire, a towel and running shoes.


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