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Spanish Language Healthcare Enrollment Site Up But Not Running

With all of the problems surrounding the rollout of, there hasn't been much discussion about the Affordable Care Act's Spanish Language website. That site was supposed to be available on Monday of this week. The site is up, but it's not running.

Play Audio Story is an important component in the Affordable Care Act.  An estimated 10-million Latinos are eligible for health insurance, and their enrollment is considered critical to the Affordable Care Act’s overall success. Altamonte Springs resident Miriam Lopez says she can click through Cuidadodesalud, but she can’t sign up and deadline to enroll is looming.

“I’m worried about that because I’ve been checking almost every day, I go check, and they still have, they say ‘soon,’ apply online soon,” she says.

She says if the site is unavailable for too much longer, she’ll either use the government’s toll free number to sign up, or she try to get help from a Navigator. While Lopez says she’d rather enroll online,  Department of Health and Human Services Press Secretary Fabien Levy told WMFE via email that market research shows that Latinos prefer personalized assistance from either call centers or face to face help from Navigators.  He also says that HHS research shows 70-percent of Latinos will apply in English. 


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