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Orlando Now Has a Holistic Chamber of Commerce

There is now enough interest in holistic health to support a new Orlando Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Holistic practitioners take an alternative approach to health that employs a nature-mind-body-spirit connection. The chamber's goal is to be a resource for both traditional health professionals and holistic healers.

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The Orlando Holistic Chamber of Commerce is so new that it only has two meetings under its belt. The current 25-members range from entrepreneurs to acupuncturists to hypnotherapists. But President Shahnaz Nensey says the  chamber is also attracting mainstream professionals, even doctors, who want to incorporate some holistic practices into their own. She says holistic principles work well alongside western medicine.

 “It is a complementary modality, I think we need the mainstream medical field, as well as alternatives, and I think when you put them together, the synergy can bring forth really good results for people,” she says.

She says anyone looking for a holistic practitioner should check with the Holistic Chamber first, because all members go through multiple reference checks to ensure their credibility.


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