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Atlantis Leaves the Kennedy Space Center

NASA has officially signed over its last remaining space shuttle into retirement. Atlantis is slowly making a 9.8 mile trek from the Kennedy Space Center to a new display hall at the visitor complex.

Riding on a flat bed transporter, Atlantis rolled out of the Vehicle Assembly Building at dawn.

A few hours later a crowd of shuttle workers and their families gathered for a retirement ceremony. NASA administrator Charles Bolden, who flew on Atlantis in 1992, said while the shuttle program has ended, its spirit lives on.

“It’s now NASA’s honor to permanently house this magnificent spacecraft right here, where she rose to the skies 33 times carrying 156 men and women," said Bolden. 

"She’s truly a testament to American ingenuity.”  

The commanders of both Atlantis’ first mission and the last ever shuttle flight last year also talked about the significance of the program.


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