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Latest Updates from 90.7 News on Local, Regional, and State Races

90.7 News team is updating all evening until final races called. Check back for updates from reporters around the region.

Update 11:39 | Npr projects Obama victory 

Update 10:47 | Democratic hopeful Val Demings concedes loss to Congressman Dan Webster in U.S. House District 10.  Demings says she’s not going anywhere.  “Running for Congress has been an honor for me.”  Demings says U.S. is “Greatest Country in the world”.

Update 10:29 | Florida still too close to call. State Division of Elections shows Obama leading only 49.83% to Romney 49.31%  separated by close to 40-thousand votes.

Update 10:10 | 90.7s Amy Green reports Dan Webster is vindicated in district 10. He says “Integrity can win.”  Told Green he has set an example that can change the culture in Congress.  “Looking forward to going back to Washington.”  Says doesn’t need attack ads to win.

Update 9:47 | Democrat Alan Grayson takes victory stage in Osceola County. Says “Whether you’re straight or gay, young or old, you have a congressman who cares.  A congressman who will fight for universal healthcare, social security, and Medicare.”  State Elections office reports Grayson 61% to 38% for Todd Long in district 9.

Update 9:34 | 90.7s Nicole Creston says Alan Grayson about take stage with victory speech.  Nightclub in Kissimmee packed. Spontaneous cheers as results come in.

Update 9:31 | Connie Mack takes the stage in concession speech in Bonita Springs.  Congressman Mack embraces his father onstage.  Called Senator Nelson and congratulated him on victory.  Mack says “Nelson will have to work hard on standards he set for the people of the state of Florida.”  Mack, “ I wanted this to be a positive campaign…it’s about the American dream, it’s about liberty and doing that in a way that respects everybody…we have accomplished that.”

Update 9:19: | 90.7s Amy Green at Webster HQ mood is festive.  Supporters say Webster’s integrity and no attack ad stance, combined with fiscal conservatism will propel him to victory. Congressional District 10. Green reports no comments from Val Demings until later perhaps after race is called.

Update 9:00 | An emotional Bill Nelson says thank you to supporters.  “A great privilege, and we have a lot to do now.”  “People are tired of division and want unity. I will continue to try reach and across the isle and bring people together to build consensus.” "Connie Mack is my opponent, not my enemy."

Update 8:59 | Bill Nelson takes the stage with victory speech in Orlando.

Update: 8:49 | 90.7s Nicole Creston says Congressional District 9 Hopeful Todd Long still optimistic though odds more and more in Grayson’s favor. Fla. Division of Elections showing 37% Long to Grayson 62%.  Creston heading to Kissimmee for reaction from Grayson camp stay tuned.

Update: 8:38 |  Romney and Obama move into Florida virtual tie 49% to 49% with 6.1 million votes cast according to Florida Division of elections.

Update: 8:32 | Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings wins re-election and delivers victory speech in downtown Orlando.  Calls for no cronyism and job performance should be a top priority.  Republican challenger John Tegg the loser.  Demings claims record of reducing crime 20% a success and doing more with less during lean economic times.

Update: 8:24 | Florida Division of Elections shows Romney 49% to Obama 50% among 5.8 million votes cast in the Sunshine state.

Update: 8:09 | AP calls Bill Nelson the winner the Florida U.S.Senate race.  GOP Congressman Connie Mack IV the loser.

Update 8:00 |  Orange versus Seminole reflect different political mood in Presidential race.  Early unofficial results show Orange County giving President Obama an edge 59% to Romney 40%.  In Seminole County Romney leads 52% to Obama 46% .  90.7s Amy Green heading to Congressman Dan Webster's reception as that race against democratic hopeful Val Demings is still to close to call in District 10.

Update 7:48 | 90.7s Nicole Creston says  republican Todd Long just arrived at Tommy Addison’s in south Orlando with his two children.  Creston says the mood is optimistic and supporters think third time could be a charm for Todd Long facing off against former Congressman democrat Alan Grayson.  Small crowd so over a dozen Long supporters.

Update: 7:41 | District 10 Orange County unofficial results reflect tight race between democrat Val Demings and Congressman Dan Webster.  So far, 51.49% Demings, 48.39% Webster.

Update: 7:35 | Amy Green with democrats at Val Deming reception hopeful for victory but with initial results still coming race is still too close to call.  Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer sited making the rounds at the Embassy Suites ballroom.  Says “Both candidates strong in this race, both want good for central Florida.

Update: 7:25 | Matthew Peddie reports Embassy Suites in downtown Orlando is filling with democratic revelers.  No sign yet of U.S Senator Bill Nelson, not expected to make appearance until results are in.  Other candidates expected to show up include U.S. Congressional district 10 hopeful Val Demings and state house district 49 candidate  Joe Saunders.  

Update: 7:16 p.m. | Race not called yet, but early unofficial returns in Orange County show lead for democrat President Obama 60.89% to 38.37% for republican Mitt Romney.  These are unofficial returns.

Update: 7:11 p.m.

90.7 News reporters are out in the field. Nicole Creston with Todd Long and Alan Grayson in District 9, Matthew Peddie with U.S. Senator Bill Nelson in downtown Orlando, Amy Green with Congressman Dan Webster and former Orlando Police Chief Val Demmings.  Upates from them shortly.



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