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Florida House Committee Passes Election Reform Bill

February 14, 2013 | WMFE - The Florida House Ethics and Elections Subcommittee has passed a measure that the committee's chairman says represents substantive elections reform for Florida. The bill addresses a number of issues that caused trouble in last November's election including the number of early voting days and the length of the ballot.

The proposed bill would increase the number of early voting days to a minimum of eight and a maximum of 14.  It would also give county elections supervisors the option of holding early voting the Sunday before the election and allow supervisors to designate more locations for early voting sites.

The measure would also limit the length of proposed constitutional amendment ballot summaries. 

Representative Jim Boyd, a Republican from Bradenton, says he thinks the measure has an excellent chance for passage by the full House.

“We’ve expanded some of the requests that have been made by individual supervisors and we have taken that testimony from the Secretary of State and even the public that have come to testify before the committee very seriously.”

Some Democrats on the committee raised concerns that the bill doesn’t go far enough but it passed through the committee unanimously.



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