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Local Dog Breeder Explains AKC's "Puppies Are Not Stocking Stuffers" Initiative

December 23rd, 2013 | WMFE - Some people think there's no better holiday gift than an adorable puppy, but the American Kennel Club says it may not be a good idea. The AKC has launched an initiative called "Puppies Are Not Stocking Stuffers" to educate people considering bringing a puppy home for the holidays.

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[Image courtesy of AKC]

Training a puppy or even getting an older dog adjusted to a new home takes time, and time may already be in short supply during the holidays. 

Orlando dog breeder Dorothy Thompson says the first weeks at a new home are critical for puppies. 

“They require so much time and your undivided attention, so to speak, that it’s difficult to satisfy all the family’s needs that come to visit over the holidays and take care of the puppy properly,” says Thompson. 

There are also holiday-specific safety hazards for puppies. They may chew on strings of holiday lights, or be attracted to shiny, breakable ornaments. Some plants, like poinsettias and holly, can be poisonous to dogs. 

If you are giving a puppy as a present, the AKC recommends wrapping up a leash and collar to symbolize that a puppy is coming after the holidays…when schedules are back to normal and the recipient is ready to add a puppy to the family.


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