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FWC Identifies Bear in Longwood Attack

December 17th, 2013 | WMFE- The bear that attacked a woman in Longwood two weeks ago has been identified- but officials say it won't be put down.

The female black bear was trapped on December 9th with two cubs, a week after mauling 54 year old Susan Chalfant as she walked her dogs near Markham Wood Road.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Tuesday night it had identified the bear using DNA.

Two other adult bears that biologists suspected may have been responsible for the attack had already been trapped and euthanized.

In a statement FWC Executive Director Nick Wiley said the commission’s thoughts had been with Mrs. Chalfant and her family “throughout this tragic event.”

“We want to wish Mrs. Chalfant a speedy recovery,” he said.

The bear and her two cubs are being housed temporarily at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Wildlife officials are looking for a third cub.

In spring they plan to release the cubs into the wild and transfer the mother to another facility.

The FWC says it will continue to work with residents in Longwood to monitor human- bear interactions. 


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