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VA To Begin Moving Some of Its Operations to Lake Nona

News that the Orlando V-A Medical Center can begin moving some of its operations to its new Lake Nona facility in December is being welcomed. Florida Congressman John Mica pressed VA officials during a committee hearing on Wednesday on when the new hospital would open and was told two portions of the new hospital would be opening within the next few months.

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[The current VA facility near Baldwin Park]

Residents at the Orlando VA medical center’s nursing home facility are just a few weeks away from their new home at Lake Nona.  The new facility is currently under construction and timelines for opening have been unclear in part because the VA and the construction company have offered up different schedules.  There have also been contractor payment delays which may have compounded problems.  But Orlando VA Medical Center spokesman Mike Strickler says his facility is now making preparations to move nursing home patients over to Lake Nona.

“Our residents of the 120-bed, it’s really kind of a nursing home, if you will, will start moving in the first two weeks of December, we hope to have everybody in by the second week and acquainted with their new home,” he says.

The existing facility near Baldwin Park also has a domiciliary that assists homeless veterans. The domiciliary is expected to move over the Lake Nona by late January, early February 2014.


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