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League of Women Voters Hosts Affordable Care Act Panel

The new online health insurance exchanges are prompting a lot of questions among potential users, so various community organizations have been hosting informational sessions to try to clear things up. The League of Women Voters is one of those organizations. But questions posed by the audience had less to do with enrolling, and more to do with politics and policy.

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[League of Women Voters members listen as Anne Packham, Carl Patten Jr., and Kim Streit field questions from Orlando Sentinel health reporter Marni Jameson] 

The Orange County League of Women Voters routinely hosts luncheons focusing on hot topics- and certainly the hot topic for October is the roll out of the federal government’s website A panel of experts was on hand to answers questions about how  the online health insurance exchanges work. One person did ask the panel to explain Navigators- those are workers specially trained to help people enroll. But the majority of the questions were a bit more political- things like, why is Obamacare viewed as socialism? And how are Navigators getting around Republican roadblocks? Co-President Michelle Levy says there may have been few questions about coverage because most League of Women Voter members are already covered.

“I have to say that these are political questions, but it has become a political issue, so I’m not surprised that there were some questions that were political.  I am surprised that nobody asked about the website, and those issues and those problems,” she says.

Levy says the League of Woman voters is concerned about Florida’s decision to turn down Federal dollars to expand Medicaid coverage and it is continuing to encourage the Governor to call a special session to readdress the issue.  


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