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Jury Selection Underway in Zimmerman Trial

June 10th, 2013 | WMFE- Jury selection got underway in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial in Sanford today / Monday. The former Neighborhood Watch volunteer's defense attorney told the court he still needs more time to prepare for the trial.

Zimmerman's  defense attorney Mark O'Mara told the judge he needs more time to prepare.

"We're not fully ready, and we need more time," said O'Mara.

"That time may be a short as a few weeks. It may be as short as a couple of weeks," he said.

Judge Debra Nelson denied his request.  She and the attorneys then turned to selecting which of 500 prospective jurors will decide Zimmerman's fate.

The former Neighborhood Watch volunteer says he shot and killed  Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

Martin's parents told reporters they're relieved the trial is starting. Zimmerman's brother Robert Zimmerman said he hopes jurors see his brother as the generous man he is and not the vigilante the media have portrayed him to be.

A couple dozen demonstrators gathered outside the Seminole County Courthouse. Francis Oliver, a local historian, said she plans to come as often as she can.

"This trial will be a landmark trial for other cases that come up with stalking, stand your ground, sterotyping," said Oliver.

Jury selection is expected to last one to three weeks.


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