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Florida Space Advocates Talk Up Drones in Tallahassee

March 05, 2013 | WMFE - Leaders of Florida's $8 billion space industry will gather in Tallahassee on Wednesday to press lawmakers on the issues most important to them. One of the things they'll talk about is drones, as 90.7's Amy Green reports ... ____________________________________________________

Congress has asked the Federal Aviation Administration to develop the capability to introduce unmanned aircraft - or drones - into the national airspace.

University of Central Florida Space expert Dale Ketcham says there's a big push for six test ranges nationwide for drones. State space industry advocates want one of those test ranges to be here in Florida.

"I mean there's a lot of opportunity out there. We haven't really begun too much. But we know it's coming."

Space industry leaders will talk with lawmakers about civil liberties concerns and other policy issues associated with drones.

Dozens of representatives from the state's universities, NASA, Space Florida and other groups will gather at the Capitol on Wednesday for their annual Space Day.


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