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Both Presidential Campaigns Confident of Win

November 5, 2012 | WMFE - After years of campaigning, primary elections, nominating conventions and thousands of TV campaign ads, Election Day is almost here. The most recent polls show Florida too close to call in the presidential race and both campaigns are gearing up to work to the last minute to earn your vote.

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Florida is a statistical toss up – in the presidential race. And both presidential campaigns are confident they’ll win the state.

Ashley Walker is state director for the Obama campaign.

“We’re going to finish strong.” Walker says.  “We believe we can win this state. It’s a neck and neck race. This is the race that we expected at this point and did not take anything for granted and we’re going to fight for every last vote here in Florida.”

You can expect same intensity from the Romney campaign according to senior Florida advisor Brett Doster.

“That last 72 hours there can be a shift as dramatic as one to three points.” Doster says. “If that shift occurs in the wrong way it can be the difference between a blowout or a nail bitter but we’re confident that we’re on a trajectory to win.” 

And election experts are confident of one thing: long lines on Election Day due to the extra-long ballot.



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