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Orlando Commisioner Daisy Lynum Ends Re-Election Campaign

February 10, 2014 | WMFE Orlando - Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum has dropped out of the race for District 5's city council seat leaving her son Juan as the only Lynum on the ballot. Juan Lynum announced he was running last Thursday three days after his mother filed the paperwork to run for re-election.

At the Orlando City Council meeting this afternoon, Daisy Lynum announced she would step down from the seat she's held for 16 years and support her son.

She said, "I delightfully and joyfully endorse my son, Juan Lynum to run for this seat. And it's about leadership, so, I believe in District 5 and I know we have so many men and women who felt capable of doing this job, but right now he's the only one in this race to do that."

Juan Lynum will have to beat two other candidates in the April 8th election; Cynthia Harris and Regina Hill.


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