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YMCA Program Provides Free Exercise Sessions to Cancer Survivors

A YMCA program that provides free workout sessions to cancer survivors is now available in Central Florida. Any cancer survivor, no matter how long ago they were diagnosed, can take part in the Live Strong program.

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[Cancer survivor Gloria Trapasso is guided through a workout by Brittany Dixson]

It’s been four years since Gloria Trapasso beat ovarian cancer- but she’s still dealing with the aftermath. She has some muscle weakness and struggles with fatigue.  But she’s taking part in a 12-week workout program at the Crosby Wellness YMCA in Winter Park and she’s seeing a difference.

“I think for me anyway, the more you get moving, slowly you start to increase your endurance, your fatigue starts to melt away a little bit,” she says.

LiveStrong is a partnership between Florida Hospital and the Central Florida YMCA. Participants can learn about the program through a variety of care facilities, including Orlando Health and MD Anderson Orlando. Florida Hospital Sports Medicine Fitness Coordinator Brittany Dixson says the concept was launched in 2007 by YMCA USA.

“We’re really trying to go into more preventative care with the YMCA, so this is one step or one of our signature programs that we use to utilize that,” she says.

The program is also free to the spouse or caregiver of a cancer survivor so they can have someone to support them through their workout sessions.  


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