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The Time to Think About Bone Health is When You're Young

Improving bone health isn't just a concern for little old ladies, it's a concern for anybody of almost any age. That's part of what will be taught at an upcoming Build Your Bones health series being offered in Lake County.

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UF Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Agent Julie England says bone health is a bit of a passion for her, because she’s met people as young as 20 with poor bone density. While genetics can play a role in bone health, England says people need to think about bone health early in life rather than later.

“A lot of times people don’t give their bones much thought, they think, oh, we’re drinking milk, we’re doing things like that, and then when they break their first bone, or when they’re having back pain and they go to the doctor and they find out they have some fractures in their vertebrae that’s causing the pain, they start thinking about their bones,” she says.

The three week long series begins October 24th and will talk about both risk factors and preventive measures- like engaging in weight bearing exercise and making sure your calcium and vitamin D levels are adequate.  She says there is a lot of new research coming out, particularly with regard to men, who are also at risk for osteoporosis. 


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